Sep. 2nd, 2010

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Going FRIENDS ONLY for all posts at the moment, until I can get the time to go through and selectively publicize the larger posts. I've actually been meaning to do this all summer, but the new cross-posting feature just reminded me it needs to be done.

I actually have no problem with links to big posts that I've worked hard on, care about, and believe in the content of. It's those random posts from the last five years I'd rather not have RL people be able to track down. Much of this journal consists of 'blowing steam' posts and the idea of it ever being held against me...well, I'm kind of a little bit paranoid about.

I'll be re-opening score posts, vids, meta, and recs shortly, but most if not all of regular ep and fandom posts will be friends only from now on. If I've yet to friend you and you're a lurker that's enjoyed reading this journal, please comment here. Otherwise, signing out!

For those who hate looking at the stupid ticky boxes on the comments, HERE is an easy code to get rid of it. (For you at least. No one's come up with a way to disable it for all people looking at your journal.) Then go and TAKE THIS POLL to tell LJ what you think about this new feature.

As for my flist, I hope you guys all know that I respect your privacy and will never crosspost anything without your permission (ESPECIALLY FACEBOOK, OMG). As such, I expect the same courtesy in return. I'm trusting that you guys are smart and awesome and will do the right thing. Please make me proud!

And hopefully LJ will take care of this fail promptly.

*clicks 'change 562 entries from public to friends' and cringes*


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