I’ve attempted to write out this post more times than I can count at this point. It’s kinda pathetic how this is now five days after the fact and I still feel like Bambi on ice about it all.

I am sure about one thing: This is precisely the kind of episode I’m glad to have LJ for. The flail and the frustrations alike. The collective work of everyone's reactions this week have been an experience within itself. I’m going to talk about this episode in reference to a number of other people’s reactions around fandom the last couple of days, because they’ve been vast and varied, and a number of them of different sentiments I agreed with. To me, it’s the only way I can succeed in fully capture the myriad of emotions I felt about this episode this week.

SPN - 5.10 - 'Abandon All Hope' - This time with coherency! Only five days late! Complete episode coverage this time, full of criticism and love and devastation [with link recs of fics and posts throughout fandom this week] )

And so I’m holding myself to this. This vid I started on the fly Thursday morning is TOTALLY getting finished before the end of winter hiatus. Stop laughing, I’M SERIOUS. Besides vidding kickass women source is totally therapeutic, even if it's totally depressing how little of it there is.

Any chance anyone might want to gab about tightening a vid storyboard structure this week? I’m totally fixated on this meta slant for it, but I think I’d benefit by talking it through with someone before I go any further with it than I already have. I’ve got only a very very rough first draft laid and a loose narrative structure at the moment, but I’ve got weeks of paring and tweeking and tightening ahead of me. I always hate this part. :/
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So, apparently I’ve been out of school for too long and had the urge to write a paper? Who knows…

This thing got ridiculously massive very quickly, I blame it all on Serge Ladouceur for making me all thinky. I want my brain back, Serge!

I recognize whenever we start talking about colors we pass into nebulous territory, so you can take this all with the grain of salt it is. But the usage of colors red and blue by production design and cinematography in Supernatural have had me curious for years. And this season, with an increased prominence of these two colors together consciously placed within the same shot, finally made me organize my thoughts in one place. Includes picspam evidence from the first eight episodes, some background on the colors of red and blue, and my own interpretation of its meaning.

META PICSPAM: 'The Balance of Red & Blue' - Color Symbolism in context of Fate & Free Will in SPN S5 )

Whew! That was kinda exhausting. NEW WINCHESTERS TONIGHT!
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Oh, man, there are no words for how fulfilling it is to finally finish a vid whose song has been staring at you on your ‘to vid’ play list for years...

Sam Winchester in Season Four
Song/Artist: ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles (both original and Across The Universe) versions
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Show/Character: Supernatural/Sam Winchester
Length: 2:29
Summary: Into the light of a dark black night, you were only waiting for this moment to be free
Links: MPEG (640x320) (29 MB) | AVI (640x320) (26 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB & The CW. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dev_earl for taking a last minute look at this and helping me frame the vid‘s overall tone!



Comments are like cake and cookies with frosting on top. :)
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I’ve been pretty absent for most of the last year, so I didn’t experience a whole lot of the SPN fandom craziness during season four, but I’ve been around fandoms long enough to imagine pretty well how it’s gone.

But the state of fandom even along the fringes as of late has had me all thinky about where I stand, and I came to the conclusion that a post like this was needed. Because it’s been too long since I’ve said all this. So in the spirit of clearing the air, a more up-to-date blanket statement for my own stance and journal...

A Statement of Fannish Intent for 2009: Where myself and this journal stands currently regarding SPN )

I have one INSTA!FIC-REC to share this morning:
FIC: 'A Feast for Two at the Turquoise Dragon' [Sam, Cas]
This idea is TOTALLY personal canon to me now! How did Cas spend his time until his appointment with Dean in 5.04, you ask? Well, a theological and philosophical discussion with Sam on fate and free will at a Chinese restaurant at 5 in the morning, of course! And until I hear otherwise, no one is gonna tell me any differently. ;) But Kripke, you can still make it happen at any time and point this season.
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For television, the cinematographic work on Supernatural has been quite consistently precise and meaningful over the years. But in the case of such an important episode of the series as 'The End', the lighting and shot composition work (done by Serge Ladouceur with this week’s director, Steve Boyum) held an especially prominent position. While naturally easy to discount, the work here was essential to the success of the episode while also lending a richer meaning to the text itself. Since I had some extra time this week, I couldn’t help but highlight a few moments that left me absolutely delighted to see. ;)

'There is a Reason to Hope': The Cinematographic Use of Lighting & Shot Composition in SPN 5.04 [PICSPAM & META] )

Also, a quick INSTA!FIC-REC! This takes a stab at two scenes missing from 5.04 and ties them together so masterfully it's immediately personal canon for me:

FIC: No Love Greater Than This [Dean, Sam, Lucifer, spoilers up to 5.04]
Just a bit of commentary, but I'm cutting because I'm nice... )

And, a HAPPY WINCHESTER DAY to all! Otherwise known as the TV Day that Broke the TV Viewers Backs. I'm actually kinda hoping this show won't break my brain quite so horribly the next couple weeks and I'll have some time to watch and talk about some other shows soon. We got our hope, now where's that fun apocalypse, Kripke?
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I needed a post for this, it’s gotten too big and consumed too much of my brain this week. This started as a culmination of my thoughts on a number of metas this week in an attempt to understand my own position, and sorta exploded into a bunch of thinky thoughts of my own.

'How to End the World': Meta on Sharing Blame & Responsibilities in the context of Choice & Free Will in the SPNverse )

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You wouldn't believe it, but I really wasn't planning on doing anything nearly as extensive as last year's S3 score post. But then something happened. The score ROCKED ITS LITTLE HEART OUT. And I just couldn't help myself. I made deep cuts. Deep DEEP cuts! And still this thing is a BEAST. 22 episodes. 164 clips. 160 minutes. 90 mb/zip. It's possible I need to be committed.

But seeing as how this season's conventional soundtrack is practically nonexistent due to unfortunate lack of mullet rock (*SHAKES FIST AT BUDGET*), I just couldn't NOT do this. If you loved this season like I did, and are itchin' for a season soundtrack to love and adore it anytime you want, this score compilation is the perfect way to relive the best moments of the whole season, from epically badass angels to Sam’s turmoils and Dean’s fears, all in under three hours. And so, in celebration of our wonderfully tragic show's return tomorrow, I give to you:

All scoring of Supernatural composed by Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska


When I first began diving into this series score three years ago, I had no idea what the interest might be for it, and to say I've been surprised by the level of excitement for these scores around fandom would be a gross understatement. I've been overjoyed in seeing just how many of you have enjoyed these scores and posts. So it gives me great excitement to present scores for this past season, a season in which the scoring not only improved by leaps and bounds but has also proved under further analysis to be absolutely exceptional television score. There is so much I want to point out, but only so much space to do it in, so I’ll try to keep it short. But this season’s score was extra busy this year, and I can't make this post without giving at least some of it its well-deserved praise.

For those of you who are just here for the downloads, feel free to skip below...


I've divided the season's cues into two 90 MB zip files that each contain 82 MP3 files. That's 164 MP3s in all with a run time of 160 minutes.

Considering the size, I'd suggest using the rating's system in iTunes in order to rank the cues and keep track of your favorites, since they can get easily lost in the shuffle. I found it incredibly useful in sorting through all of these.

Some other features that should be helpful:
- All music has been volume boosted to go with season’s soundtrack. You can further adjust it to your liking using iTunes. Right click Get Info. Click Options tab. Use Volume Adjustment.
- All music is automatically labeled for iTunes with Artist and Album for easy access.
- All non-dialogues are marked with [#]. When you want to just hear instrumentals, simply enter # into your itunes search.

You’ll notice there’s less [#] than last season. To be honest, most of the nicest melodies and most interesting timbre changes this season were on dialogue-ridden moments. Another reason to keep track of your favorites with the iTunes ratings.

The cues are listed below in the order that they appear in each episode. Most cues' origins should be easily discernible by title or dialogue, but if there's any your curious about, feel free to ask! I hope you all enjoy!


(Secondary DL link HERE)


(Secondary DL Link HERE)

NOTE: My copy of 4.21 had the worst audio quality and I had some difficulties with the audio from a DVD rip. Better versions of the first five can be found HERE if they annoy you too horribly. I'm working on getting a good 'Trust Me' and 'Sam's Defiance', but my computer has decided to be evil, so it may be a while. Unless anyone might be able to point me to a better avi copy, in which case I'd love you forever!
ETA (09/10/09): Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ilostmyshoe0782 who scored me a DVD Rip copy, here are the last two good 4x21s: Trust Me | Sam's Defiance (Dean Theme). For those of you just getting here, all seven of these good copies are now in the second full zip, so you don't have to worry about anything else!

- BIG DAMN SPN S3 Score Post [Downloads]
- Dean's Family Dedication Theme [Downloads]
- Season Two's Scoring Overview Meta
- Big Damn SPN S1 Score Post [IDs and Downloads]
- List of Episodes for Each SPN Composer
- SPN's Musical Motifs
- SPN Composer Interviews
- SPN Pilot: Comparing The Pre-Aired Score to Aired Version's

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I'M DONE! GRADUATED! I'M FREE! Or you know, now have to spend every waking hour on job applications and pray those grad apps come through. But you know...

It's been kinda depressing saying goodbye to everyone and everything all week. So I went to turn to sketching out that Sam vid finally, just to get my mind off things abit. And I realized what it was about the finale bothered me so much...

Cutting in case there are some out there who still haven't seen the finale... )

I hate thinking of this like this. Please tell me I'm thinking about it all wrong or something. I need to work this Sam morose out, or this vid will never get made!

ETA: I guess it does assert Dean's role as protector of the Winchester Constitution, a la 'Jus in Belo'. But...dammit, for once, I just...I just really wanted more for Sam.
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I'm all stoked for finale day, 'cause I have been done with finals all week, room is basically packed, I'm graduating in a couple days, and shit, I'm up for doing finale fever in style tonight!

But first, a look back, eh? I really wanted to pull the season together and try to have at least some semblance of that the heck is going on. So while packing this week, I ran the season through. Man, does this season run through WELL! I was kinda impressed. Everything fits together way more cohesively than you might think.


Lastly, I've got a whole set of vidposs songs I've been holding down on all season, and since I don't see me actually getting to VID all of these, I offer them up as part of this year's...


ETA: Spoilers in the comments!
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Since over half of my flist seemed to have jumped on the Dreamwidth bandwagon today:


Right now I just created it to secure my name and keep track of the portion of my flist whose jumped over to DW (I'll be friending (or 'subscribing') as you post or I find you). But life is insanely busy right now, so I won't anticipate having the time to do anything with this new space until the next couple weeks are over. We'll see then how much this thing has stuck. It all looks kinda nice, but change is...well, different. I don't do well with change easily I guess. It'll take some getting use to. But this x-posting function sure is handy!
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For the record, I blame this all on the complete LACK of Obama vidding in the world. We've gotta do something about that.

In honor of Dr. King Day, and Obama's Inauguration Weekend, I give you...

A Story of the Obama Movement

Song/Band: ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by the Killers
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Fandom: Obama/American Politics/American History
Length: 4:50
Summary: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." Time, truth, and hearts of The American People jettison the skinny junior Senator of Illinois to the Presidency.
Links: 51 MB AVI | 51 MB AVI [ALT LINK]| BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)| Youtube
Disclaimer: All clips property of Obama for America, CNN, and CBS. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself. If I knew the editor of the campaign’s wonderful ‘Signs of Hope and Change’ vid, I would credit them for their magnificent black boxes I shamelessly just HAD to use at 02:40.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


This is simply one perspective of the movement, seen through my own eyes. There are still thousands of other perspectives still waiting to be told. And I encourage you all out there, please do so!



Comments are like cake and cookies with frosting on top. :)
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I wasn’t going to even touch S3. Not beyond the Dean Theme. I never did get S2’s Score Post finished. [Mostly due to getting half the season cut and then loosing it all when my HD died on me, of course.] But I admit, I like having an audio recap of a season of my favorite tv shows. It becomes convenient, instead of taking out the time to rewatch a season of television, I can turn on the playlist while doing work or studying and just smile silently, remembering all the little moments in space of my own head. And thanks to Kripke and his small budget which was spent on things like purple smoke instead of important things like mullet rock, we didn’t have much of a conventional soundtrack this year.

So that’s what I say in response to the fact that I SORTA went alittle overboard with the score clips this time around. When I can’t even with all good of conscience say they really deserved it. For Season One, I had 78 score clips clocking in at 1.5 hours for twenty-two episodes. For Season Three, I have 100 score clips clocking in at 1.5 hours for sixteen episodes. FOR SHAME. But on the bright side, you guys get to reap the benefits of my OCD-ness. So, to help get everyone through the last month of this excruciating summer hiatus before our horribly tragic show comes back to us, I give you:

All scoring of Supernatural composed by Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska


I'd like to preface this with a bout of criticism on this season's score. I warn you, I'm a harsh critic, but ultimately, I criticize because I love. Of course, what follows is only my opinion, and as my music knowledge is only about as deep as a mediocre piano player and one class of film music gets me, hardly worth a sack of potatoes, but I'm going to say my piece anyway. For those of you who are just here for the downloads, feel free to skip below, this is going to be a long one....


Despite all of my criticism, I still have to say, I had an absolute BALL putting this all together. I might not have always had the kindest of words for a good part of this season, but it really gave us a lot of moments that just make me grin like a stupid idiot in retrospect. And seeing what a dousy we’re in for this coming season, I think they’ll be moments we’ll all be holding onto for a long time.

I've divided the season into two 50 MB zip files of 50 mp3s which run about 45 minutes each. All mp3s have been volume boosted to match the levels of normal songs, so they can be added to playlists with the season's soundtrack. [Because "To Save Dean" just isn't the same when it's not breaking into BTO. Just like "What I Have Done" isn't the same when it's not breaking into "Crazy Circles" and "A Quiet Moment" isn't the same without breaking into "I Shall Not Be Moved"] Again, they were simply ripped from avi copies, therefore, they are not clean versions. They all include sound affects, many are dialogue-ridden as well. Those without major dialogue are denoted by the [#].

I included the vidding recaps of the premiere and finale ('cause they're just fun!), along with the "3.05 Recap" that has a piece of score that I just personally ADORE, even though I am about 99.99% sure it's actually Robert Rodriquez's score from Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I'm also about 99.99% sure that the Ghostfacers' "Power Walk" from 3.13 is not score either, but I haven't heard anyone ID it yet, so I clipped it anyway. And yes, i really did copy the five second Retro Presentation diddy from 3.08, it really just brings me that much joy.

The cues are listed below in the order that they appear in each episode. Most cues' origins should be easily discernible by title or dialogue, but if there's any your curious about, feel free to ask! I hope you all enjoy!


(Secondary DL link HERE)


(Secondary DL Link HERE)

- Dean's Family Dedication Theme [Downloads]
- Season Two's Scoring Overview Meta
- Big Damn SPN S1 Score Post [IDs and Downloads]
- List of Episodes for Each SPN Composer
- SPN's Musical Motifs
- SPN Composer Interviews
- SPN Pilot: Comparing The Pre-Aired Score to Aired Version's

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Don’t even ask where this came from. The thin blue sky? I HAVE NO IDEA.

Song: ‘Home’ by Foo Fighters
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 2:20
Episodes: Up to 3x16
Summary: As the last hours of Dean’s life draws near, Sam would do anything not to lose Home again. [An unintentional companion to my last vid, ‘Home’.]
Links: Permanent AVI Link (32 MB) | ALTERNATE AVI Link (32 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


I hope you all can enjoy! Any comments or feedback you could give would be more than appreciated!
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One week later and I still don't want to even attempt to deal with the SPN finale. So I’ve taken to retreating into making those long overdue score posts instead.

In honor of its recent resurrection in the finale, I give you: Dean’s Family Dedication Theme. In all its different glorious colors spanning the three whole seasons of our wonderfully, horribly tragic show.

Here’s the twelve moments which the Dean Theme has been used over the course of the last three seasons, ripped directly from the episodes for your pleasure. Or you know BAWLING YOUR EYEBALLS OUT. Click each individual score to listen or download the whole zip and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

ETA (09/09/09): Newly updated with S4 cues!


- 1.22 - Impala’s Midnight Drive [#]
- 1.22 - The Things Dean’s Willing To Do [Original]
- 2.01 - John Sits By Dean’s Bedside
- 2.01 - John’s Speech [Piano Section]
- 2.01 - John’s Speech [Flute Section]
- 2.01 - John Dies [Flute and Strings] [#]
- 2.09 - Tired [Guitar]
- 2.11 - Watching Over Sam [#]
- 2.20 - Lost Purpose [Flattened]
- 2.21 - Sam Dies [Horns and Strings]
- 3.08 - Little Sammy’s Present [Derivative]
- 3.16 - Not The Same Mistakes [Original]
- 4.13 - A Change of Fortune [Variation]
- 4.15 - Dean's Confession [Original]
- 4.15 - To Kill A Reaper [Sharpened]
- 4.21 - Sam's Defiance [Original]

[#] denotes mp3s without dialogue

(Secondary DL Link HERE)

Analysis of this theme can be found HERE, along with background on motifs in film scoring generally and Supernatural specifically.

- NEW!! - Big Damn SPN S4 Score Post [Downloads]
- Big Damn SPN S3 Score Post [Downloads]
- Season Two's Scoring Overview Meta
- Big Damn SPN S1 Score Post (IDs and Downloads)
- List of Episodes for Each SPN Composer
- SPN's Musical Motifs
- SPN Composer Interviews
- SPN Pilot: Comparing The Pre-Aired Score to Aired Version's

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Anyone looking to get pumped up for the SPN Finale? Don't walk, RUN to [livejournal.com profile] bellanut's RECAP OF SPN SEASON THREE. It is quite literally the PICSPAM TO END ALL PICSPAMS. I'm not even joking, there's three parts to that baby!

Some songs to share that I've been listening to all morning in preparation for the INEVITABLE WINCHESTER DOOM:
- Back Door Slam - "Come Home" [This blues rock number is just my own personal theme song for Sam in Mystery Spot: "I went to hell today, said you're gone for good, I would get you back, if only I could"]
- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Lien on Your Dreams" [Basically I feel like all of Baby 81 was just WRITTEN for SPN S3, it's so perfectly S3 Sam to a 'T'. But this one especially: "But it hurts and what’s worse, There’s no way to reverse, When your mind wants to start, Pulling you apart]
- Alice in Chains - "Don't Follow" [This song is just SO friggin' GORGEOUS, I would LOVE to vid this as Dean POV to Sam, because oh man, it so is, but I refuse. Really. I do. Not happening. *shifty eyes* But just LOOK at this: "Hey, I aint never coming Home/Hey, Ill just wander my Own road/Hey, I cant meet you here tomorrow/Say goodbye dont follow"]
- Fuel - "Innocent" [THIS one too, oh man, this one too. KILLS ME: "Never did we know/What the future would hold/That we'd be bought and sold/We were innocent"]
- Back Door Slam - "Stay" [This blues acoustic is just GORGEOUS, and totally too sullen and complacent for Sam, but I love it anyway]
- Aerosmith - "Dream On" [Everyone knows this one I'm sure, but for some reason, it's like a last minute celebration through the tears kind of song for me, with the ratcheting ending just always bringing Last-Moment-Crazed-To-Save-Dean!Sam to my mind.]

OH GEEZE, and Black Rebel's 'Shuffle Your Feet' just came on. ["Time won't save our souls, Time won't save my soul, There are things a'going down, Nothing seems to feel the same, nothing seems to go my way, who knows if I'll see you again".] SHEESH, Itunes, way to join forces to kill me. Might as well go ahead and take that one too, if you don't already have it.

I know, I haven't had alot of time to share in the squee this season. Or be around...hardly at all. Especially this past fall.

And I've realized that the few times I HAVE been able to post about the season, I haven't been to kind about it. I guess I've had more of an inclination to post when I've gotta vent more than just the normal squee. Though I'll admit for a lot of the season, I just wasn't feeling it the same as in the past.

But mainly, there's kind of an explanation for that. The short version: It's called SCHOOL. Which I've detailed before. But it's complicated by this little thing called SIDES. Because I am a moron of multiply crazy ideas, among other things...

In case anyone gives a crap about my MIA this season... )

BUT FAST FORWARD TO NOW. Because I've been spending most of my last pseudo-studying/procrastination week rewatching this season to ID and rip music scores (because nothing sets off my score!obsession more than some good ol' philosophy hatred, of course) and I've come to a couple ABSOLUTELY STARTLING conclusions about this season. Since I'm staking out the night now waiting to watch the finale, I thought I'd share. Since I'm sure you're all just DYING to know. ;)

Top Ten ABSOLUTELY STARTLING changed sentiments/discoveries/conclusions I have found on my SEASON THREE REWATCH. I just know you're all ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS to find out. )

I've gotta wait until morning to see the finale, so in the meantime, help me stake out the night until finale time! I've hardly gotten to see everyone's thoughts this season, what did you guys think of it all said and done? Still mourning S2, frustrated by the writers? Any of your sentiments about the season change as the season went on? Or retrospectively?

ETA: OMG, AND THEN I SPENT THE LAST SEVEN MINUTES CRACKING THE FUCK UP WITH JON STEWART. In case you have the capacity to think of something OTHER than the Winchesters today, ENJOY:
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Of course it's SPN that ultimately brings me out of my hole. I'm sure none of you are surprised. Sometimes being slightly spoiled gives you such low expectations that you completely underestimate its potential and it slowly creeps up to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY YOU.

First, I must apologize for not being around AT ALL, I totally MISS YOU ALL and all you're WACKY CRAZY WAYS so very much. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for my sanity, not so much for my fandom-loving self) after my nutty crazy fall semester and primary campaigning, I'm now actually ABROAD for the spring term. And since I'm only in Europe for six months and do not see any other time in the foreseeable future where I may get back here, I've become super determined to make the most of it and see everything I humanely possibly can in that short time and that entails LOST of traveling and leaves for very few moments of fandom time and All Things Internet.

But tonight, I was dead tired, feet killing me, and I definitely ready to just have a nice quiet evening, sit down and catch up with some tv, go to bed early, all that jazz. Little did I know picking SPN 3.11 to watch would completely turn those plans UPSIDE DOWN because...


Would it be funny for me to admit I really didn't think this show was capable of doing this to me anymore? I HAD NO IDEA THIS SHOW WAS STILL CAPABLE OF THIS SHIT. SPN: STILL LETHAL PEOPLE. STILL LETHAL.

ALSO: Someone NEEDS to pick up this Back Door Slam song to vid this ep to, PRONTO. It's absolutely ridiculous how perfect it would be.
I KNOW, I had NO business doing a vid this summer! But I had had my heart set on doing at least one SPN vid all spring and once I got this idea, somehow this thing just wouldn't leave me alone. So, months later, here's the final result:

Band/Song: ‘Home’ by Dishwalla
Character: Dean POV
Summary: The dynamics of Dean, Death, his family, and the job in Season Two
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan (Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bellanut and [livejournal.com profile] deathisyourart for taking an early look at this!)
Episodes: Everything up to 2x22
Links/Size: Permanent DL Link (60 MB) | ALTERNATE DL Link (60 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)
Notes: It's a bit silly but I sorta feel like this should come with a small warning or something. While this vid has a happy little name, it’s actually a pretty morbid concept. Surrounding Dean & his temptation from Death. Yes, I know. The things I spend my time on. But I actually had a ball working this one out. I tried out some new styles and when it's all said and done, I think I’m actually pretty happy with it, which is a first for me. So, I hope you all enjoy!

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

Please, feel free to leave feedback of any kind, good, bad, or in between. I'm really interested about the viewer's perspective on this one. So I mean it when I say any and all comments are completely loved and adored and totally appreciated!

Song Lyrics )

VID NOTES [posted 06/25/08]
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This list has been in the works FOR THE LONGEST TIME. Literally, the first thing I did when I finished catching up with this show was hunting down vids. But a couple different people had been asking about them lately and I figured, hey, I should finally post that list!

If there is one thing the SPN fandom is endowed with, its a wealth of absolutely FABULOUS vids. I started this list months ago as a means to keep track of them all, with a plan to post it as a master vid rec post when I got around to it. And the list has been growing consistantly ever since.

SPN Vid Recs Resource Post (contains 18 right now) )

This list is by no means complete. It's only the stuff I've been able to find in the past couple months. So if I missed any vids that you think are awesome and aren't on this list, please comment and share!


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