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WHEW!! WITH just MINUTES TO SPARE!! *wipes sweat off brow*



Jensen's just left his entire life behind in Chicago to prove to himself once and for all whether he's born to be a dancer. He really doesn't think so, but fellow dancer Jared has never been more sure of anything else. When Michael Jackson dies suddenly, leaving this whirlwind of a tour at a stand-still, Jensen, Jared, and the rest of the dancers struggle to make sense of the fact that all they just worked so hard for has just exhaled into a fading sunset.

The goal of any artist is to be able to celebrate passion, creativity, inspiration, and the relationships that get us through it all. Jensen's journey tells the story of Michael Jackson's influences, the impact he's had on everything that came after him, and how this elite group of modern hip hop dancers pulls it all together and makes it their own. --> STORY MASTERPOST

Promo/Artwork for standing_fic's J2 AU BIGBANG: 'I AM IT' )

Project notes, Thank yous, Disclaimers, & Sources )
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Made in benefit of the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti charity auction for wonderfully generous [livejournal.com profile] counteragent who was crazy enough to bid on me, think up this idea, and hand it my way. I hope I've been able to do it justice! *crosses fingers*

Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 3:35
Characters: Sam'n'Dean from a fangirl POV [NOTE: Spoilers up to 5.16]
Song/Artist: ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: "And you can‘t understand, how I can just kill a man" Kripke might have created Sam & Dean, but it's fandom that knows how to play with them. [Otherwise known as, 'Fandom Power, FTW!' :D]
Links/Size: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | ALT LINK: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | BAM Vid Vault [Streaming]
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. All fanwork and posts included in this vid are linked and listed HERE. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


No matter what Kripke decides to give us tomorrow night? This is my S5 finale, folks. Created by all of you.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

[ETA (12am EST): Sorry, my internet has been a horrific nightmare today, I'm working on trying to figure out what happened with the corrupt zip, since it worked before I uploaded it. In the meantime, I put up an alternative download link, which worked on my end. But please let me know if there's a problem with that too. Sorry about the headaches!]
I’ve attempted to write out this post more times than I can count at this point. It’s kinda pathetic how this is now five days after the fact and I still feel like Bambi on ice about it all.

I am sure about one thing: This is precisely the kind of episode I’m glad to have LJ for. The flail and the frustrations alike. The collective work of everyone's reactions this week have been an experience within itself. I’m going to talk about this episode in reference to a number of other people’s reactions around fandom the last couple of days, because they’ve been vast and varied, and a number of them of different sentiments I agreed with. To me, it’s the only way I can succeed in fully capture the myriad of emotions I felt about this episode this week.

SPN - 5.10 - 'Abandon All Hope' - This time with coherency! Only five days late! Complete episode coverage this time, full of criticism and love and devastation [with link recs of fics and posts throughout fandom this week] )

And so I’m holding myself to this. This vid I started on the fly Thursday morning is TOTALLY getting finished before the end of winter hiatus. Stop laughing, I’M SERIOUS. Besides vidding kickass women source is totally therapeutic, even if it's totally depressing how little of it there is.

Any chance anyone might want to gab about tightening a vid storyboard structure this week? I’m totally fixated on this meta slant for it, but I think I’d benefit by talking it through with someone before I go any further with it than I already have. I’ve got only a very very rough first draft laid and a loose narrative structure at the moment, but I’ve got weeks of paring and tweeking and tightening ahead of me. I always hate this part. :/
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I’ve been pretty absent for most of the last year, so I didn’t experience a whole lot of the SPN fandom craziness during season four, but I’ve been around fandoms long enough to imagine pretty well how it’s gone.

But the state of fandom even along the fringes as of late has had me all thinky about where I stand, and I came to the conclusion that a post like this was needed. Because it’s been too long since I’ve said all this. So in the spirit of clearing the air, a more up-to-date blanket statement for my own stance and journal...

A Statement of Fannish Intent for 2009: Where myself and this journal stands currently regarding SPN )

I have one INSTA!FIC-REC to share this morning:
FIC: 'A Feast for Two at the Turquoise Dragon' [Sam, Cas]
This idea is TOTALLY personal canon to me now! How did Cas spend his time until his appointment with Dean in 5.04, you ask? Well, a theological and philosophical discussion with Sam on fate and free will at a Chinese restaurant at 5 in the morning, of course! And until I hear otherwise, no one is gonna tell me any differently. ;) But Kripke, you can still make it happen at any time and point this season.
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I needed a post for this, it’s gotten too big and consumed too much of my brain this week. This started as a culmination of my thoughts on a number of metas this week in an attempt to understand my own position, and sorta exploded into a bunch of thinky thoughts of my own.

'How to End the World': Meta on Sharing Blame & Responsibilities in the context of Choice & Free Will in the SPNverse )



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