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SPN - 6.11 - 'Appointment in Samara' - Insta!Reactions and some rambling incoherency... )

In other news, two more finals and I am vidding through this winter break! [NO SERIOUSLY hold me to it, I have three storyboarded, at least ONE will be done before the end of January. I SWEAR.]
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In other news....

FIC: ’Live For Small Horizons‘ [SPN S6, Dean, Sam, gen] by [livejournal.com profile] dotfic - “If Dean goes down, there's no one else who knows it all.” - This fic includes what might be my favorite fic moment ever in the history of fic. You think I‘m kidding, but no, really, I am not. It’s barely over 1k, yet by the end, I was BAWLING my eyeballs out. This is seriously some kind of record. The moment is seared into my skull forever. I’m seriously going to cry myself to sleep every night for the rest of the week over this. THAT is the kind of fic this is.

VID: ’Right Wing Radio Duck‘ [Donald Duck, political remix] - by way of laurashapiro - Donald Duck discovers Glenn Beck’s radio show, with razor-sharp, biting political commentary. This is AMAZING. I am seriously FLABBERGASTED by how amazing this is. That is how amazing it is. The amount of work put into this for it to work as slick and FLAWLESS as it does hurts my brain to even think about. Video from over 50 different Disney cartoons. Audio sliced from Beck’s shows. And the main commentary point that he builds up so well, and slams home so perfectly by the end. UGH, IT IS BRILLIANT. I want to send this to everyone I know.

[livejournal.com profile] crackers4jenn reminded me that today is TEN YEARS since ‘Fool for Love’ aired. WHICH BY THE WAY is kinda the whole reason I exist on LJ in the first place. The last five minutes single-handedly rejuvenated my Buffy love, which four years later brought me HERE! Gosh I can’t believe that was ten years ago. I feel like it was just yesterday my 13 year old self came home early from a meeting and RAN to the tv to catch whatever bit of the Buffy ep I could. Where the hell does the time go. I feel old.
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WHAT are you doing right now? If it's not reading [livejournal.com profile] standing_fic 's new SPN fic, you're doing something wrong. Run, don't walk to:

'They are the Lanterns and you are the Light'
[John, Cas, Dean, Sam, gen, preseries, 1500 words]
...he feels his will come up, beating strong, a beacon in the dense confusion.
John has faith; he will know what to do when the time comes.

It's one of the most perfect ideas I've read in years. The show's first two seasons sometimes feel so very far from its last two, it's fascinating how this single-handedly melds the two eras of the show together without missing a beat. I felt while reading it as though all these pieces I had never even realized as being frayed to begin with, suddenly became sewn together. It seems so natural that this scene should have taken place at some point in SPN's canon. I don't care if this was never filmed. It doesn't even need to be, with Michelle's made-to-feel, in-the-moment prose, the whole moment has already become seared in my skull. As far as I'm concerned, this is canon.
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I don't get the chance to rec fics here often, I can't even keep up with my delicious bookmarking half the time.

But I just stumbled on these two fics that MADE MY WORLD today and I would be heartless if I didn't share...

Before The Skywriters, Before The Telegram [Gabriel gen] - [livejournal.com profile] seaouryou - Hysterically delicious Old Testament CRACK in which Gabriel, God's Messenger, discovers his penchant for tricking. This is the fic I didn't know I needed to read. In some bizarre way, it's totally fitting for SPN biblical canon, and one that will keep me in giggles for days.

The Ewok to Your Wookie [Sam, Dean, gen] - [livejournal.com profile] musesfool - I just want to draw so many hearts around this, it is absolutely insta-canon for me. Picking up 5.20's loose ends and combining Sam's birthday, into just the perfect sweet, simple, happy sigh inducing brothers moment. 'It's been a while' just about covers it all.

Now stop being so awesome, Internet! I have things to do!! Or you know, keep being awesome, and I'll catch up later. ;)
I’ve attempted to write out this post more times than I can count at this point. It’s kinda pathetic how this is now five days after the fact and I still feel like Bambi on ice about it all.

I am sure about one thing: This is precisely the kind of episode I’m glad to have LJ for. The flail and the frustrations alike. The collective work of everyone's reactions this week have been an experience within itself. I’m going to talk about this episode in reference to a number of other people’s reactions around fandom the last couple of days, because they’ve been vast and varied, and a number of them of different sentiments I agreed with. To me, it’s the only way I can succeed in fully capture the myriad of emotions I felt about this episode this week.

SPN - 5.10 - 'Abandon All Hope' - This time with coherency! Only five days late! Complete episode coverage this time, full of criticism and love and devastation [with link recs of fics and posts throughout fandom this week] )

And so I’m holding myself to this. This vid I started on the fly Thursday morning is TOTALLY getting finished before the end of winter hiatus. Stop laughing, I’M SERIOUS. Besides vidding kickass women source is totally therapeutic, even if it's totally depressing how little of it there is.

Any chance anyone might want to gab about tightening a vid storyboard structure this week? I’m totally fixated on this meta slant for it, but I think I’d benefit by talking it through with someone before I go any further with it than I already have. I’ve got only a very very rough first draft laid and a loose narrative structure at the moment, but I’ve got weeks of paring and tweeking and tightening ahead of me. I always hate this part. :/


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