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If you have yet to see [livejournal.com profile] counteragent's new vid, 'Coin-Operated Boy'? Don't walk, RUN! I don't care if you hate SPN, have never seen the show, or whatever. It doesn't matter. This is like the most EPICALLY EPIC of all metarific vids EVER, that captures the comfort and insanity that is fandom in such an unflinchingly critical and pointed way, IT IS RIDICULOUS. My mind is still REELING from it 12 hours later. It will probably be EATING MY BRAIN for the rest of the week! That's how OMG, SHUT UP, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? this vid is. NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

On the flip side, my fannish heart just grew 100 sizes reading this new Sera Gamble Interview. Having such appreciation for a crew six seasons in is kinda unheard of for me, I'm not sure I know what to do with it. It's weird how the frustration depicted in the above vid goes hand in hand with appreciation with TPTB for me in this show. I think it has something do to with my disconnect between intellectually seeing something well thought out and working, and emotionally being denied what I want most as a fan based on what tv needs to be in order to keep going. If that makes any sense at all?

In LJ news, has anyone else been having problems with anons trashing old post? I've always kept anon posting on, because I've had non-LJers comment in score posts, asking questions and the like. But I've been having more and more problems with spam lately, and after some anon coming in and trashing my flisters' comments yesterday, I think that's my final straw. I can't tolerate my journal turning into some anon meme fan bashing. But my sincere apologies to those who got so baselessly attacked. That shit was so not cool.
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I’ve been pretty absent for most of the last year, so I didn’t experience a whole lot of the SPN fandom craziness during season four, but I’ve been around fandoms long enough to imagine pretty well how it’s gone.

But the state of fandom even along the fringes as of late has had me all thinky about where I stand, and I came to the conclusion that a post like this was needed. Because it’s been too long since I’ve said all this. So in the spirit of clearing the air, a more up-to-date blanket statement for my own stance and journal...

A Statement of Fannish Intent for 2009: Where myself and this journal stands currently regarding SPN )

I have one INSTA!FIC-REC to share this morning:
FIC: 'A Feast for Two at the Turquoise Dragon' [Sam, Cas]
This idea is TOTALLY personal canon to me now! How did Cas spend his time until his appointment with Dean in 5.04, you ask? Well, a theological and philosophical discussion with Sam on fate and free will at a Chinese restaurant at 5 in the morning, of course! And until I hear otherwise, no one is gonna tell me any differently. ;) But Kripke, you can still make it happen at any time and point this season.


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