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After five years here (WHUT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??), this journal has gotten seriously lengthy, and even with tags, it’s hard for me to manage different big fannish posts I have here. I keep finding a need to refer back to them, and as they are now, they’re just such a pain. I figured making one big sticky post archiving all my big posts, vids, SPN score, and all that silly color meta, would make things easier both for me, and for others that might want to access them in the future.

[In the order of most recent to oldest...]




- ’Statement of Fannish Intent‘: Where This LJ Stands Now
- My Love Letter to 'Supernatural' [circa 2006]
- Fic Recs
- Vid Recs
- Meta Recs

More recs at my delicious account
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If you have yet to see [livejournal.com profile] counteragent's new vid, 'Coin-Operated Boy'? Don't walk, RUN! I don't care if you hate SPN, have never seen the show, or whatever. It doesn't matter. This is like the most EPICALLY EPIC of all metarific vids EVER, that captures the comfort and insanity that is fandom in such an unflinchingly critical and pointed way, IT IS RIDICULOUS. My mind is still REELING from it 12 hours later. It will probably be EATING MY BRAIN for the rest of the week! That's how OMG, SHUT UP, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? this vid is. NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

On the flip side, my fannish heart just grew 100 sizes reading this new Sera Gamble Interview. Having such appreciation for a crew six seasons in is kinda unheard of for me, I'm not sure I know what to do with it. It's weird how the frustration depicted in the above vid goes hand in hand with appreciation with TPTB for me in this show. I think it has something do to with my disconnect between intellectually seeing something well thought out and working, and emotionally being denied what I want most as a fan based on what tv needs to be in order to keep going. If that makes any sense at all?

In LJ news, has anyone else been having problems with anons trashing old post? I've always kept anon posting on, because I've had non-LJers comment in score posts, asking questions and the like. But I've been having more and more problems with spam lately, and after some anon coming in and trashing my flisters' comments yesterday, I think that's my final straw. I can't tolerate my journal turning into some anon meme fan bashing. But my sincere apologies to those who got so baselessly attacked. That shit was so not cool.
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Going FRIENDS ONLY for all posts at the moment, until I can get the time to go through and selectively publicize the larger posts. I've actually been meaning to do this all summer, but the new cross-posting feature just reminded me it needs to be done.

I actually have no problem with links to big posts that I've worked hard on, care about, and believe in the content of. It's those random posts from the last five years I'd rather not have RL people be able to track down. Much of this journal consists of 'blowing steam' posts and the idea of it ever being held against me...well, I'm kind of a little bit paranoid about.

I'll be re-opening score posts, vids, meta, and recs shortly, but most if not all of regular ep and fandom posts will be friends only from now on. If I've yet to friend you and you're a lurker that's enjoyed reading this journal, please comment here. Otherwise, signing out!

For those who hate looking at the stupid ticky boxes on the comments, HERE is an easy code to get rid of it. (For you at least. No one's come up with a way to disable it for all people looking at your journal.) Then go and TAKE THIS POLL to tell LJ what you think about this new feature.

As for my flist, I hope you guys all know that I respect your privacy and will never crosspost anything without your permission (ESPECIALLY FACEBOOK, OMG). As such, I expect the same courtesy in return. I'm trusting that you guys are smart and awesome and will do the right thing. Please make me proud!

And hopefully LJ will take care of this fail promptly.

*clicks 'change 562 entries from public to friends' and cringes*


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