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This list has been in the works FOR THE LONGEST TIME. Literally, the first thing I did when I finished catching up with this show was hunting down vids. But a couple different people had been asking about them lately and I figured, hey, I should finally post that list!

If there is one thing the SPN fandom is endowed with, its a wealth of absolutely FABULOUS vids. I started this list months ago as a means to keep track of them all, with a plan to post it as a master vid rec post when I got around to it. And the list has been growing consistantly ever since.

SPN Vid Recs Resource Post (contains 18 right now) )

This list is by no means complete. It's only the stuff I've been able to find in the past couple months. So if I missed any vids that you think are awesome and aren't on this list, please comment and share!
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One of the first things that caught my attention when I first started watching Supernatural was the score. Not like this is anything strange, since I‘ve always grown to love my TV shows' scores, as some might remember my score posts for VM and FF. So imagine my excitement months ago, when I stumble on [livejournal.com profile] sarah_p‘s SPN music post containing a whole album worth of score cues. [originally obtained through Soundtrack Sharity]

Now I'm sure some people might be able to listen to this compilation without cue identification but I'm a bit of a nut about it. I always need to know WHAT the scores were originally made for, WHERE they came from, so at least I can put them on a playlist in some semblance of chronological order. I searched for as long as I could trying to find if someone had IDed these released scores, but with no luck. If there is someone out there who had figured them all out, my google skills obviously suck, because I was never able to find it. So I just did it myself.

I’m not sure how many people actually care about scoring enough to actually make a post for it. But at any rate, I figured it deserved its marker on the internet. Because whether people realize it or not, it really MAKES the show what it is.

Some might not find the SPN score any more special than any other show on television, which is fine. But as my poor film music class knows, I'm picky about scores. So when I find one that pleases me so, I like exploring it. In my mind, it's like...score is like salt. Add too little and your dish is bland. Add too much and you can ruin your dish completely. The skill is in adding just the right amount to accent the taste without interfering with its creation. Any composer can throw together music and take over a scene with loud swooping sounds and pull a viewer their own direction. It's the ones who know they are subservient to the source, who work with the visual material, understand it and accent importance, yes, but more importantly, who know how and when to HOLD BACK...that makes scoring such an art to me.

The difference with this show, as some of you might know, is that it actually has TWO composers. Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska, brought in by executive producers Eric Kripke and Robert Singer respectively, who share the composing responsibility by alternating episodes. This makes the show uniquely interesting to me. It really is amazing just how cohesive the score sounds. They both yield an eclectic sound for the show, and as the first season progressed, they were able to adopt more of each other’s style to incorporate between. I honestly didn’t hardly realize the difference between the two until I looked at it later. There is none the less a distinct difference.

So as it turns out, that score compilation (which was never officially released but leaked on the internet months ago for online viewers to obtain) was made by Lennertz containing his scores alone from the first season. I went through and identified these first, before turning to other score cues missing on the compilation.



(Secondary DL Link HERE)



(Secondary DL Link HERE)

More Lennertz Scores - Ripped )


(Secondary DL Link HERE)

NEW UPDATES (6/18/07 03/01/08):

END CREDITS: (Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] starry_ice for figuring out the scheme)
- Lennertz's SPN S1 End Credits Music - This piece of score is used on the end credits of episodes scored by Christopher Lennertz (mp3 compliments of [livejournal.com profile] starry_ice)
- Gruska's SPN S1 End Credits Music - This piece of score is used on the end credits of episodes scored by Jay Gruska. This piece also heard at the end of 'Dean Man's Blood' and used for the S1 DVD menu.

- Silly Brothers Theme [(1)-(2)-(3)] - This is a theme used continually throughout the series during light brother moments. First heard during 101 on the bridge before (1) and after (2) talking to the cops. Later heard during 117 after Sam pranks Dean with the glued beer bottle (3).

- Big Damn SPN S4 Score Post [Downloads] NEW!!
- Big Damn SPN S3 Score Post [Downloads] NEW!!
- Dean's Family Dedication Theme [Downloads for all Twelve Moments of the Series] NEW!!
- List of Episodes for Each SPN Composer
- SPN's Musical Motifs
- SPN Composer Interviews
- Season Two's Scoring Overview Meta
- SPN Pilot: Comparing The Pre-Aired Score to Aired Version's

- Josh Kramon: Veronica Mars Score
- Greg Edmonson: Firefly Score

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I still can’t believe I went through 25 hours of TV in one week. I honestly have never done this before. The quickest I’ve ever watched anything was Firefly, which I finished in one 4-day weekend, but that was only 14 episodes. So when I say this show bowled me over? I mean, this show BOWLED me over.

You have no idea how much time The Sis and I spent mocking this thing all year. And now I feel like I totally owe an apology to everyone I’ve ever made fun of for watching this show. ‘Cause it’s fuckin’ fabulous.

Honestly, before this fall, the only thing I had ever heard anyone say about Supernatural was that it was The Pretty Boys Show, leading me to believe that was ALL the show had to offer. I’ve never been to partial to the typical ‘cardboard-cut-out’ pretty boys in my television which is why I never checked it out before. But after finally going through it for myself, I have to say, it’s a crying shame that the series has been marked as such. Because the show is actually great in its own right. THERE IS SO MUCH HERE FOR ME TO LOVE. So much so, I *must* make a list...

The number of ways I am SO HOPELESSLY IN LOVE with this show....(Spoilers for all aired eps) )


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