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Made in benefit of the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti charity auction for wonderfully generous [livejournal.com profile] counteragent who was crazy enough to bid on me, think up this idea, and hand it my way. I hope I've been able to do it justice! *crosses fingers*

Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 3:35
Characters: Sam'n'Dean from a fangirl POV [NOTE: Spoilers up to 5.16]
Song/Artist: ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: "And you can‘t understand, how I can just kill a man" Kripke might have created Sam & Dean, but it's fandom that knows how to play with them. [Otherwise known as, 'Fandom Power, FTW!' :D]
Links/Size: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | ALT LINK: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | BAM Vid Vault [Streaming]
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. All fanwork and posts included in this vid are linked and listed HERE. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

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No matter what Kripke decides to give us tomorrow night? This is my S5 finale, folks. Created by all of you.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

[ETA (12am EST): Sorry, my internet has been a horrific nightmare today, I'm working on trying to figure out what happened with the corrupt zip, since it worked before I uploaded it. In the meantime, I put up an alternative download link, which worked on my end. But please let me know if there's a problem with that too. Sorry about the headaches!]
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So I noticed way back in S3, Kripke's habit for completely giving away the finale in mid-season episodes. It was true for Scarecrow and Hunted. Remained true for Malleus Maleficarum. And for Heaven & Hell. So...

5.21 - 'Two Minutes to Midnight' Insta Reaction/Meta )
[ETA: original icon was 'winchester road']
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I don't get the chance to rec fics here often, I can't even keep up with my delicious bookmarking half the time.

But I just stumbled on these two fics that MADE MY WORLD today and I would be heartless if I didn't share...

Before The Skywriters, Before The Telegram [Gabriel gen] - [livejournal.com profile] seaouryou - Hysterically delicious Old Testament CRACK in which Gabriel, God's Messenger, discovers his penchant for tricking. This is the fic I didn't know I needed to read. In some bizarre way, it's totally fitting for SPN biblical canon, and one that will keep me in giggles for days.

The Ewok to Your Wookie [Sam, Dean, gen] - [livejournal.com profile] musesfool - I just want to draw so many hearts around this, it is absolutely insta-canon for me. Picking up 5.20's loose ends and combining Sam's birthday, into just the perfect sweet, simple, happy sigh inducing brothers moment. 'It's been a while' just about covers it all.

Now stop being so awesome, Internet! I have things to do!! Or you know, keep being awesome, and I'll catch up later. ;)
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So, I swore to myself I was done with color meta after that behemoth of a post last Thursday. And then the show had to go and air an episode that cashed in on so much of the season's color interactions...and I just could not resist. :)

META PICSPAM: 'To Keep Each Other Human': The Restoration of Balance (& other color interactions) in SPN 5.18 )

*falls down in EXHAUSTION*

I'm serious now, that really is it for me on meta picspam for awhile, I think I've OD'd on colors at this point. Other neglected projects and RL are calling. But please, by all means, take a stab at it amongst yourselves! I'm sure there's more I've missed here, previously, and in episodes that remain! For what it's worth, I've figured out a super-quick method of capping and picspamming, which I'd be happy to share with anyone curious. It's really not all that time consuming. :)
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Why is it whenever I take on a project it grows to MASSIVE proportions? *facepalm* For the record, this was originally three different posts, which unfortunately made no sense when separated. So, anyone that gets through this, I question your sanity in addition to mine. This post, btw, is the reason why my episode thoughts have been nonexistent since 5.13. It's been, well...complicated.

When I first put together my red & blue meta last fall, there were only eight episodes of the season to look at, and therefore much of those conclusions were based on admittedly wild conjecture. But those of you following along since might have noticed a visual story that has begun to accompany these colors, right in line with the textual story itself. Examining the broad strokes of this visual story throughout the season can give us an indication not only where the story has been, but also where it is headed. On the advent of the show's 100th episode and Season Five finale, I thought it'd be an interesting exercise to see where these big episodes might be taking us. (Yes, I am going to craft finale spec out of colors, just bare with me!)

Despite my constant parring, this post is very lengthy and image heavy, bringing together ideas from my first color symbolism post, and applying it to episodes 5.11 to 5.17, first in terms of red & blue, secondly in terms of the conflict of green, thirdly in terms of how this comes together in 5.17, and finally what this means for the future episodes. Are you EXHAUSTED YET? It sounds more complicated than it is, since it's really just one big Ode to SPN Cinematography in S5. And I promise bunches of pretty caps to get you through it. :)


Note: I have not been spoiled for the remaining episodes, and in fact have not even seen the 100th episode promo. The conclusions contained within this post are purely derived from what aired episodes have given so far. So please, no spoilers in the comments.

META PICSPAM: 'Tracking The Visual Story through Color' - The Saga of Red & Blue in SPN S5 continues... )

Halfway through 'Dark Side of the Moon', a sudden green wretch was thrown into the red and blue party, a color usage so grotesque and seemingly out of nowhere, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

META PICSPAM: 'Where'd All This Green Come From?': Zachariah and his toxic green interference... )

Which all comes together the latest episode, 5.17, '99 Problems'... )

So that is where we're left with, going into the 100th episode tonight, and into the next five episodes leading to what's supposed to be by all accounts, an EPIC finale. So, now...

'WHERE IS THIS GOING?': Red points the way )

If you made it to the end of that? You deserve a cookie. And a raise. Here's a pillow, go and lie down.
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Turning fandom frustrations into projects is how I roll. This was my way of dealing. I can’t swear this is exactly how it happened. But it is how it felt.

This one, folks? Is for the girls...

Song/Band: ‘Roller’ by April Wine
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 3:58
Summary: "To give it everything that she's got". A tribute to the kickass women we were never allowed to keep.
Characters: Jo, Ellen, Tamera, Bela, Pamela, Mary, and a number of other single-episode female characters from the last five seasons of Supernatural [NOTE: Spoilers for all aired episodes]
Links/Size: MPEG (640x320) (56 MB) | AVI (640x304) (37 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

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Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] smilla02 for offering to take a look at this early on, being so fabulous in listening to all my 'oh-so-long-and-rambly' emails, and giving vital feedback to help me steer this thing in the right direction!

Also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dotfic whose words inspired the summary. To [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable for their impeccably timed Tribute to the Women of SPN post. And to all the fic writers who over the years expanded these women's stories far past what the show ever gave us, enabling them to live on far beyond their initial exits.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

For those who might be interested, I'm offering up a vid of your choice at the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction HERE. Bidding's up to $30 now. Auction closes Wednesday at 12pm EST!
I’ve attempted to write out this post more times than I can count at this point. It’s kinda pathetic how this is now five days after the fact and I still feel like Bambi on ice about it all.

I am sure about one thing: This is precisely the kind of episode I’m glad to have LJ for. The flail and the frustrations alike. The collective work of everyone's reactions this week have been an experience within itself. I’m going to talk about this episode in reference to a number of other people’s reactions around fandom the last couple of days, because they’ve been vast and varied, and a number of them of different sentiments I agreed with. To me, it’s the only way I can succeed in fully capture the myriad of emotions I felt about this episode this week.

SPN - 5.10 - 'Abandon All Hope' - This time with coherency! Only five days late! Complete episode coverage this time, full of criticism and love and devastation [with link recs of fics and posts throughout fandom this week] )

And so I’m holding myself to this. This vid I started on the fly Thursday morning is TOTALLY getting finished before the end of winter hiatus. Stop laughing, I’M SERIOUS. Besides vidding kickass women source is totally therapeutic, even if it's totally depressing how little of it there is.

Any chance anyone might want to gab about tightening a vid storyboard structure this week? I’m totally fixated on this meta slant for it, but I think I’d benefit by talking it through with someone before I go any further with it than I already have. I’ve got only a very very rough first draft laid and a loose narrative structure at the moment, but I’ve got weeks of paring and tweeking and tightening ahead of me. I always hate this part. :/
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So, apparently I’ve been out of school for too long and had the urge to write a paper? Who knows…

This thing got ridiculously massive very quickly, I blame it all on Serge Ladouceur for making me all thinky. I want my brain back, Serge!

I recognize whenever we start talking about colors we pass into nebulous territory, so you can take this all with the grain of salt it is. But the usage of colors red and blue by production design and cinematography in Supernatural have had me curious for years. And this season, with an increased prominence of these two colors together consciously placed within the same shot, finally made me organize my thoughts in one place. Includes picspam evidence from the first eight episodes, some background on the colors of red and blue, and my own interpretation of its meaning.

META PICSPAM: 'The Balance of Red & Blue' - Color Symbolism in context of Fate & Free Will in SPN S5 )

Whew! That was kinda exhausting. NEW WINCHESTERS TONIGHT!
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Oh, man, there are no words for how fulfilling it is to finally finish a vid whose song has been staring at you on your ‘to vid’ play list for years...

Sam Winchester in Season Four
Song/Artist: ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles (both original and Across The Universe) versions
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Show/Character: Supernatural/Sam Winchester
Length: 2:29
Summary: Into the light of a dark black night, you were only waiting for this moment to be free
Links: MPEG (640x320) (29 MB) | AVI (640x320) (26 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB & The CW. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dev_earl for taking a last minute look at this and helping me frame the vid‘s overall tone!



Comments are like cake and cookies with frosting on top. :)
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For television, the cinematographic work on Supernatural has been quite consistently precise and meaningful over the years. But in the case of such an important episode of the series as 'The End', the lighting and shot composition work (done by Serge Ladouceur with this week’s director, Steve Boyum) held an especially prominent position. While naturally easy to discount, the work here was essential to the success of the episode while also lending a richer meaning to the text itself. Since I had some extra time this week, I couldn’t help but highlight a few moments that left me absolutely delighted to see. ;)

'There is a Reason to Hope': The Cinematographic Use of Lighting & Shot Composition in SPN 5.04 [PICSPAM & META] )

Also, a quick INSTA!FIC-REC! This takes a stab at two scenes missing from 5.04 and ties them together so masterfully it's immediately personal canon for me:

FIC: No Love Greater Than This [Dean, Sam, Lucifer, spoilers up to 5.04]
Just a bit of commentary, but I'm cutting because I'm nice... )

And, a HAPPY WINCHESTER DAY to all! Otherwise known as the TV Day that Broke the TV Viewers Backs. I'm actually kinda hoping this show won't break my brain quite so horribly the next couple weeks and I'll have some time to watch and talk about some other shows soon. We got our hope, now where's that fun apocalypse, Kripke?
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I needed a post for this, it’s gotten too big and consumed too much of my brain this week. This started as a culmination of my thoughts on a number of metas this week in an attempt to understand my own position, and sorta exploded into a bunch of thinky thoughts of my own.

'How to End the World': Meta on Sharing Blame & Responsibilities in the context of Choice & Free Will in the SPNverse )

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I'M DONE! GRADUATED! I'M FREE! Or you know, now have to spend every waking hour on job applications and pray those grad apps come through. But you know...

It's been kinda depressing saying goodbye to everyone and everything all week. So I went to turn to sketching out that Sam vid finally, just to get my mind off things abit. And I realized what it was about the finale bothered me so much...

Cutting in case there are some out there who still haven't seen the finale... )

I hate thinking of this like this. Please tell me I'm thinking about it all wrong or something. I need to work this Sam morose out, or this vid will never get made!

ETA: I guess it does assert Dean's role as protector of the Winchester Constitution, a la 'Jus in Belo'. But...dammit, for once, I just...I just really wanted more for Sam.


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