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So I noticed way back in S3, Kripke's habit for completely giving away the finale in mid-season episodes. It was true for Scarecrow and Hunted. Remained true for Malleus Maleficarum. And for Heaven & Hell. So...

SAM: It's over for me. It doesn't have to be for you.
SAM: No, you can keep going.
DEAN: Who says I want to?
- 2.09 'Croatoan'


ELLEN comes back to sit by JO. They watch each other for a moment and ELLEN smiles.
JO: Mom, no.
ELLEN: Somebody's gotta let them in. Like you said, you're not moving. You got me, Jo. And you're right, this is important.
ELLEN: But I will not leave you here alone.
- 5.10 'Abandon All Hope'

Dean is totally gonna jump into that hellfire with Sam, isn't he? With the amulet around his neck, after Sam gave it back to him in some sweeping, I know you don't want to see me do this, but have faith in me, speech.

FML, KRIPKE! *facepalm* Whatever, it's gonna be glorious and I'm gonna cry like a baby for a week.

In other news, red leads the way, yo. I just got done yesterday thinking that everyone is underestimating Sam. And that that crazy plan was not the last time we would hear it. And look! A whole episode about it! EVEN DEATH who TURNED ROGUE AGAINST BRATTY-KID LUCIFER thinks he can do it! I've actually been feeling like alot of this season is like a redo for Sam to correct his mistakes of last year and make the right choices with Dean by his side. Same with Dean really.

Also, one quote that's been ringing in my head since last weeks episode: "The righteous man who begins it is the only one who can end it". Raise your hand if you think the angels read that prophecy right, in retrospect? Hey look, they both spilled blood. Dean in Hell torturing souls. Sam on Earth drinking the nurse dry. Even playing ground.

DID I MENTION HOW FLAILY AND TEARY EYED I GOT OVER THE SHOW WAXING POETIC ABOUT HOW SAM TRIES? BECAUSE GUYSSSS. That was my DEVASTATION about how last year turned out for him, and my stubbornness at how it meant something, and hearing that acknowledged, TWICE in one episode, was just the sweetest birthday present EVER. Show, you are coming together way better than I ever willing to give you credit for. [I went to search down my S4 finale spec the other day, which to reread now, heh, I think I was about a year ahead in my spec there. But it does show how remarkably consistent the show has been thematically in its broad strokes which is kinda fascinating to me.]

GOD, Sam Winchester, way to have taken over my brain in the last year, what the hell, right?

Now what I really want to know about is this demon blood mention again. A vessel that wasn't prepared to house Lucifer, sure, it has to down gallons of demon blood. But Sam's had the stuff pumping through his veins since he was six-months old, yo, that has to count for something right? 'You didn't need the feather to fly Dumbo' line from last year's season finale was intentionally placed and I refuse to believe they aren't gonna use it. *is stubborn*

Of course, he could down dead infected Croatoan virus people too, but that won't have the same victory ring to it as gruesome as that might be.

Also, it's RIDICULOUS just how super-intensely FASCINATED I am in no-mojo turning human Cas. I mean SERIOUSLY, THAT'S THE GLIMPSE of the guy who admitted to humanely doubt in 4.07. THAT GUY! I've waited EONS to see that!

And there was so much else, UGH, Bobby and his LEGS! CROWLEY making me giggle like a little girl every five seconds! The EPIC 'O Death' sequence! The metaphoric rings snapping together! AND DEAN'S FACE, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT PLEASE??? *WHIBBLES*

I ended off with this last year, but it's more apt now than ever:

“Let‘s not end up like this...”
“Beats dying.”
“Does it?”
“I would do anything for you, you know that. But I WILL NOT WATCH YOU DIE. I‘ll miss that show”
“No. You’ll be there. You‘re always there for me.”

It makes me BAWL every time. Like next Thursday will undoubtedly do.

[ETA: original icon was 'winchester road']
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