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After five years here (WHUT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??), this journal has gotten seriously lengthy, and even with tags, it’s hard for me to manage different big fannish posts I have here. I keep finding a need to refer back to them, and as they are now, they’re just such a pain. I figured making one big sticky post archiving all my big posts, vids, SPN score, and all that silly color meta, would make things easier both for me, and for others that might want to access them in the future.

[In the order of most recent to oldest...]




- ’Statement of Fannish Intent‘: Where This LJ Stands Now
- My Love Letter to 'Supernatural' [circa 2006]
- Fic Recs
- Vid Recs
- Meta Recs

More recs at my delicious account
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If you have yet to see [livejournal.com profile] counteragent's new vid, 'Coin-Operated Boy'? Don't walk, RUN! I don't care if you hate SPN, have never seen the show, or whatever. It doesn't matter. This is like the most EPICALLY EPIC of all metarific vids EVER, that captures the comfort and insanity that is fandom in such an unflinchingly critical and pointed way, IT IS RIDICULOUS. My mind is still REELING from it 12 hours later. It will probably be EATING MY BRAIN for the rest of the week! That's how OMG, SHUT UP, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? this vid is. NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

On the flip side, my fannish heart just grew 100 sizes reading this new Sera Gamble Interview. Having such appreciation for a crew six seasons in is kinda unheard of for me, I'm not sure I know what to do with it. It's weird how the frustration depicted in the above vid goes hand in hand with appreciation with TPTB for me in this show. I think it has something do to with my disconnect between intellectually seeing something well thought out and working, and emotionally being denied what I want most as a fan based on what tv needs to be in order to keep going. If that makes any sense at all?

In LJ news, has anyone else been having problems with anons trashing old post? I've always kept anon posting on, because I've had non-LJers comment in score posts, asking questions and the like. But I've been having more and more problems with spam lately, and after some anon coming in and trashing my flisters' comments yesterday, I think that's my final straw. I can't tolerate my journal turning into some anon meme fan bashing. But my sincere apologies to those who got so baselessly attacked. That shit was so not cool.
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SPN - 6.11 - 'Appointment in Samara' - Insta!Reactions and some rambling incoherency... )

In other news, two more finals and I am vidding through this winter break! [NO SERIOUSLY hold me to it, I have three storyboarded, at least ONE will be done before the end of January. I SWEAR.]
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In other news....

FIC: ’Live For Small Horizons‘ [SPN S6, Dean, Sam, gen] by [livejournal.com profile] dotfic - “If Dean goes down, there's no one else who knows it all.” - This fic includes what might be my favorite fic moment ever in the history of fic. You think I‘m kidding, but no, really, I am not. It’s barely over 1k, yet by the end, I was BAWLING my eyeballs out. This is seriously some kind of record. The moment is seared into my skull forever. I’m seriously going to cry myself to sleep every night for the rest of the week over this. THAT is the kind of fic this is.

VID: ’Right Wing Radio Duck‘ [Donald Duck, political remix] - by way of laurashapiro - Donald Duck discovers Glenn Beck’s radio show, with razor-sharp, biting political commentary. This is AMAZING. I am seriously FLABBERGASTED by how amazing this is. That is how amazing it is. The amount of work put into this for it to work as slick and FLAWLESS as it does hurts my brain to even think about. Video from over 50 different Disney cartoons. Audio sliced from Beck’s shows. And the main commentary point that he builds up so well, and slams home so perfectly by the end. UGH, IT IS BRILLIANT. I want to send this to everyone I know.

[livejournal.com profile] crackers4jenn reminded me that today is TEN YEARS since ‘Fool for Love’ aired. WHICH BY THE WAY is kinda the whole reason I exist on LJ in the first place. The last five minutes single-handedly rejuvenated my Buffy love, which four years later brought me HERE! Gosh I can’t believe that was ten years ago. I feel like it was just yesterday my 13 year old self came home early from a meeting and RAN to the tv to catch whatever bit of the Buffy ep I could. Where the hell does the time go. I feel old.
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Disclaimer: I've had limited time the last couple weeks and haven't kept up with all the meta out there, but the Sam mystery has taken my brain for a ride. This post has been brewing since the premiere, and fueled by all my flist's awesome thoughts that have kept me thinking. I really wish I had time to do more than incoherent rambling and random picspam. I probably missed half the things I wanted to talk about in the rush, but I really just need to get these thoughts down. Probably not much new here, and the little bit which is will probably be knocked down tonight, rendering this whole post pointless, but...here goes nothing.

An attempt to crack the enigma which is post-hell Sam...with visuals!! [META PICSPAM] )


ETA (10/30/10): Be sure to watch [livejournal.com profile] counteragent's new post-hell!Sam vid, 'Numb', if you haven't already. In a hysterical bit of mindshare, it's lock-in-step with what I was trying to say here. Only she argues it in BRILLIANT MULTI-LAYERED VID FORM. I'll be sure to have this one on repeat for the next couple weeks. XD

[6.06 SPOILERS now in the comments]
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WHAT are you doing right now? If it's not reading [livejournal.com profile] standing_fic 's new SPN fic, you're doing something wrong. Run, don't walk to:

'They are the Lanterns and you are the Light'
[John, Cas, Dean, Sam, gen, preseries, 1500 words]
...he feels his will come up, beating strong, a beacon in the dense confusion.
John has faith; he will know what to do when the time comes.

It's one of the most perfect ideas I've read in years. The show's first two seasons sometimes feel so very far from its last two, it's fascinating how this single-handedly melds the two eras of the show together without missing a beat. I felt while reading it as though all these pieces I had never even realized as being frayed to begin with, suddenly became sewn together. It seems so natural that this scene should have taken place at some point in SPN's canon. I don't care if this was never filmed. It doesn't even need to be, with Michelle's made-to-feel, in-the-moment prose, the whole moment has already become seared in my skull. As far as I'm concerned, this is canon.
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The big mysterious Season Six question mark has been pretty nail-biting this summer, so in the last couple days wait before the premiere, how about a little blast from the past! Season Two score! Which I've only been promising for YEARS now. *facepalm* I know, I know, this one took forever, and no, it was not because I have some bizarre dislike of this season. I love it! Actually, I had started this, wayyy back when S3 was still airing, and my external hard drive I was storing the cues on died tragically halfway through. So, because I’m the worst at redoing something, it took awhile. I’ve had multiple requests for this season’s score since I first started these posts, but it wasn’t until going through S5 and seeing stark S2 callbacks that I gained the necessary drive to comb through the eps like the season warranted. Season Two was a real classic time of the series, laying down important mythology groundwork with some of the most iconic moments of the show. And the score played a large part of creating these defining moments. So, in the waking hours before S6 premieres, throw away all your anxieties, and take a trip down memory lane. Back before God, the devil, an apocalypse, heaven, or angels came on the scene, where the biggest problems in the Winchesters' world were a few psychic kids and a soul-exchanging father! Ah, such simpler times!

All scoring of Supernatural composed by Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska

First order of business! In case you have yet to hear, the heavens have shined down on us SPN fans and miraculously, against all odds given us an OFFICIAL SUPERNATURAL ORIGINAL SCORE SOUNDTRACK. I can tell you, when I started these posts four years ago, the most I thought we could hope for was some website-released cues (and that was only if fandom ever organized and begged the composers long enough!) Instead we got a 70 minute, 18 track soundtrack with at least 60+ CLEAN cues! This is nothing sort of a miraculous gift, so if you're reading this and have enjoyed these score posts in the past (and if my download tickers are right, there are a few thousand of you), GO! Buy the CD! Write a review! (There's only six so far!) Show them all how much you love this thing! Shower them with appreciation! I don’t want you to bother reading the rest of this post until you’ve finished that! Important stuff first!

Now, I'm sure having a soundtrack makes most people go, 'WHY DO WE NEED THIS THEN?' If you’ve listened to the official soundtrack already, you’ll notice a number of pieces from this season were included. But the soundtrack could only be so long, and many memorable or interesting cues from this season were still absent. Plus, it's sometimes helpful to hear the score straight from the context of the season! I will have a separate post in the next week or two dedicated entirely to the soundtrack, identifying all the cues contained in each of the 18 tracks (there are many!) and matching them with those already ripped. I've IDed about 90% so far, much of which would have been completely impossible without these season posts. So, see, a purpose! I'll probably go back into these old season score posts and indicate the official soundtrack names of the cues as well. In the name of science and all!

Now, of course, since I've commentated on the other subsequent seasons, I can't help but say a couple words about the score of Season Two in my normal amateur music-writing drivel, so bare with me. I have tried to accurately describe where I could, but I can claim no real musical expertise, so feel free to point out any mistakes! For those of you who are just here for the downloads, feel free to skip below...


I've divided the season's cues into two 125 MB zip files that each contain 69 MP3 files. That's 138 MP3s in all with a run time of 171 minutes.

Considering the size, I'd suggest using the rating's system in iTunes in order to rank the cues and keep track of your favorites, since they can get easily lost in the shuffle. I found it incredibly useful in sorting through all of these.

Some other features that should be helpful:
- All music has been volume boosted to go with season’s soundtrack. You can further adjust it to your liking using iTunes. Right click Get Info. Click Options tab. Use Volume Adjustment.
- All music is automatically labeled for iTunes with Artist and Album for easy access.
- All non-dialogues are marked with [#]. When you want to just hear instrumentals, simply enter # into your itunes search.

You’ll notice there’s less [#]s and more cues with a longer runtime. Season two was gifted with much longer cues than other seasons I've cut, and despite the dialogue, I really wanted to get the full range of each piece. Another reason to keep track of your favorites with the iTunes ratings.

The cues are listed below in the order that they appear in each episode. Most cues' origins should be easily discernible by title or dialogue, but if there's any your curious about, feel free to ask! I hope you all enjoy!

(And DON'T FORGET THAT SOUNDTRACK! There's hard copy CD and MP3 download options!)



(Secondary DL link HERE)



(Secondary DL Link HERE)

- BIG DAMN SPN S4 Score Post [Downloads]
- BIG DAMN SPN S3 Score Post [Downloads]
- Dean's Family Dedication Theme [Downloads]
- Season Two's Scoring Overview Meta
- Big Damn SPN S1 Score Post [IDs and Downloads]
- List of Episodes for Each SPN Composer
- SPN's Musical Motifs
- SPN Composer Interviews
- SPN Pilot: Comparing The Pre-Aired Score to Aired Version's

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Sometimes I come across a vid that is just so simple technically, but is SO powerful in its perfect narrative organization and clip placement, that I just finish it with my mouth gaping and my heart pounding. I'm so amazed by these kinds of vids. I can watch them over and over again and never get tired of them because they just feel like they were made for the source, illuminating in such a special way pieces I loved but never put together quite like the vid does, and the source is never the same to me again. THIS is one of those vids, done by [livejournal.com profile] barkley for [livejournal.com profile] festivids, using Vienna Teng's 'Lullably for a Stormy Night' for Maria in The Sound of Music. I'll admit it, by the end, she had me tearing up. Honestly.

If you've watched and loved The Sound of Music over the years like I have, go, watch, enjoy Maria in all her simple glory, and leave the vidder some love. If you've never seen the movie, go and watch the vid anyway. I swear it will still get to you. It really is just one of those vids.
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Going FRIENDS ONLY for all posts at the moment, until I can get the time to go through and selectively publicize the larger posts. I've actually been meaning to do this all summer, but the new cross-posting feature just reminded me it needs to be done.

I actually have no problem with links to big posts that I've worked hard on, care about, and believe in the content of. It's those random posts from the last five years I'd rather not have RL people be able to track down. Much of this journal consists of 'blowing steam' posts and the idea of it ever being held against me...well, I'm kind of a little bit paranoid about.

I'll be re-opening score posts, vids, meta, and recs shortly, but most if not all of regular ep and fandom posts will be friends only from now on. If I've yet to friend you and you're a lurker that's enjoyed reading this journal, please comment here. Otherwise, signing out!

For those who hate looking at the stupid ticky boxes on the comments, HERE is an easy code to get rid of it. (For you at least. No one's come up with a way to disable it for all people looking at your journal.) Then go and TAKE THIS POLL to tell LJ what you think about this new feature.

As for my flist, I hope you guys all know that I respect your privacy and will never crosspost anything without your permission (ESPECIALLY FACEBOOK, OMG). As such, I expect the same courtesy in return. I'm trusting that you guys are smart and awesome and will do the right thing. Please make me proud!

And hopefully LJ will take care of this fail promptly.

*clicks 'change 562 entries from public to friends' and cringes*
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WHEW!! WITH just MINUTES TO SPARE!! *wipes sweat off brow*



Jensen's just left his entire life behind in Chicago to prove to himself once and for all whether he's born to be a dancer. He really doesn't think so, but fellow dancer Jared has never been more sure of anything else. When Michael Jackson dies suddenly, leaving this whirlwind of a tour at a stand-still, Jensen, Jared, and the rest of the dancers struggle to make sense of the fact that all they just worked so hard for has just exhaled into a fading sunset.

The goal of any artist is to be able to celebrate passion, creativity, inspiration, and the relationships that get us through it all. Jensen's journey tells the story of Michael Jackson's influences, the impact he's had on everything that came after him, and how this elite group of modern hip hop dancers pulls it all together and makes it their own. --> STORY MASTERPOST

Promo/Artwork for standing_fic's J2 AU BIGBANG: 'I AM IT' )

Project notes, Thank yous, Disclaimers, & Sources )
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Made in benefit of the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti charity auction for wonderfully generous [livejournal.com profile] counteragent who was crazy enough to bid on me, think up this idea, and hand it my way. I hope I've been able to do it justice! *crosses fingers*

Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 3:35
Characters: Sam'n'Dean from a fangirl POV [NOTE: Spoilers up to 5.16]
Song/Artist: ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: "And you can‘t understand, how I can just kill a man" Kripke might have created Sam & Dean, but it's fandom that knows how to play with them. [Otherwise known as, 'Fandom Power, FTW!' :D]
Links/Size: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | ALT LINK: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | BAM Vid Vault [Streaming]
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. All fanwork and posts included in this vid are linked and listed HERE. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


No matter what Kripke decides to give us tomorrow night? This is my S5 finale, folks. Created by all of you.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

[ETA (12am EST): Sorry, my internet has been a horrific nightmare today, I'm working on trying to figure out what happened with the corrupt zip, since it worked before I uploaded it. In the meantime, I put up an alternative download link, which worked on my end. But please let me know if there's a problem with that too. Sorry about the headaches!]
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So I noticed way back in S3, Kripke's habit for completely giving away the finale in mid-season episodes. It was true for Scarecrow and Hunted. Remained true for Malleus Maleficarum. And for Heaven & Hell. So...

5.21 - 'Two Minutes to Midnight' Insta Reaction/Meta )
[ETA: original icon was 'winchester road']
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I don't get the chance to rec fics here often, I can't even keep up with my delicious bookmarking half the time.

But I just stumbled on these two fics that MADE MY WORLD today and I would be heartless if I didn't share...

Before The Skywriters, Before The Telegram [Gabriel gen] - [livejournal.com profile] seaouryou - Hysterically delicious Old Testament CRACK in which Gabriel, God's Messenger, discovers his penchant for tricking. This is the fic I didn't know I needed to read. In some bizarre way, it's totally fitting for SPN biblical canon, and one that will keep me in giggles for days.

The Ewok to Your Wookie [Sam, Dean, gen] - [livejournal.com profile] musesfool - I just want to draw so many hearts around this, it is absolutely insta-canon for me. Picking up 5.20's loose ends and combining Sam's birthday, into just the perfect sweet, simple, happy sigh inducing brothers moment. 'It's been a while' just about covers it all.

Now stop being so awesome, Internet! I have things to do!! Or you know, keep being awesome, and I'll catch up later. ;)
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So, I swore to myself I was done with color meta after that behemoth of a post last Thursday. And then the show had to go and air an episode that cashed in on so much of the season's color interactions...and I just could not resist. :)

META PICSPAM: 'To Keep Each Other Human': The Restoration of Balance (& other color interactions) in SPN 5.18 )

*falls down in EXHAUSTION*

I'm serious now, that really is it for me on meta picspam for awhile, I think I've OD'd on colors at this point. Other neglected projects and RL are calling. But please, by all means, take a stab at it amongst yourselves! I'm sure there's more I've missed here, previously, and in episodes that remain! For what it's worth, I've figured out a super-quick method of capping and picspamming, which I'd be happy to share with anyone curious. It's really not all that time consuming. :)
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Why is it whenever I take on a project it grows to MASSIVE proportions? *facepalm* For the record, this was originally three different posts, which unfortunately made no sense when separated. So, anyone that gets through this, I question your sanity in addition to mine. This post, btw, is the reason why my episode thoughts have been nonexistent since 5.13. It's been, well...complicated.

When I first put together my red & blue meta last fall, there were only eight episodes of the season to look at, and therefore much of those conclusions were based on admittedly wild conjecture. But those of you following along since might have noticed a visual story that has begun to accompany these colors, right in line with the textual story itself. Examining the broad strokes of this visual story throughout the season can give us an indication not only where the story has been, but also where it is headed. On the advent of the show's 100th episode and Season Five finale, I thought it'd be an interesting exercise to see where these big episodes might be taking us. (Yes, I am going to craft finale spec out of colors, just bare with me!)

Despite my constant parring, this post is very lengthy and image heavy, bringing together ideas from my first color symbolism post, and applying it to episodes 5.11 to 5.17, first in terms of red & blue, secondly in terms of the conflict of green, thirdly in terms of how this comes together in 5.17, and finally what this means for the future episodes. Are you EXHAUSTED YET? It sounds more complicated than it is, since it's really just one big Ode to SPN Cinematography in S5. And I promise bunches of pretty caps to get you through it. :)


Note: I have not been spoiled for the remaining episodes, and in fact have not even seen the 100th episode promo. The conclusions contained within this post are purely derived from what aired episodes have given so far. So please, no spoilers in the comments.

META PICSPAM: 'Tracking The Visual Story through Color' - The Saga of Red & Blue in SPN S5 continues... )

Halfway through 'Dark Side of the Moon', a sudden green wretch was thrown into the red and blue party, a color usage so grotesque and seemingly out of nowhere, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

META PICSPAM: 'Where'd All This Green Come From?': Zachariah and his toxic green interference... )

Which all comes together the latest episode, 5.17, '99 Problems'... )

So that is where we're left with, going into the 100th episode tonight, and into the next five episodes leading to what's supposed to be by all accounts, an EPIC finale. So, now...

'WHERE IS THIS GOING?': Red points the way )

If you made it to the end of that? You deserve a cookie. And a raise. Here's a pillow, go and lie down.
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Turning fandom frustrations into projects is how I roll. This was my way of dealing. I can’t swear this is exactly how it happened. But it is how it felt.

This one, folks? Is for the girls...

Song/Band: ‘Roller’ by April Wine
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] zimshan
Length: 3:58
Summary: "To give it everything that she's got". A tribute to the kickass women we were never allowed to keep.
Characters: Jo, Ellen, Tamera, Bela, Pamela, Mary, and a number of other single-episode female characters from the last five seasons of Supernatural [NOTE: Spoilers for all aired episodes]
Links/Size: MPEG (640x320) (56 MB) | AVI (640x304) (37 MB) | BAM Vid Vault (Streaming)
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] smilla02 for offering to take a look at this early on, being so fabulous in listening to all my 'oh-so-long-and-rambly' emails, and giving vital feedback to help me steer this thing in the right direction!

Also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dotfic whose words inspired the summary. To [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable for their impeccably timed Tribute to the Women of SPN post. And to all the fic writers who over the years expanded these women's stories far past what the show ever gave us, enabling them to live on far beyond their initial exits.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

For those who might be interested, I'm offering up a vid of your choice at the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction HERE. Bidding's up to $30 now. Auction closes Wednesday at 12pm EST!


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