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I’m sorry, there was a shitload of awesome, excellent, metarific things in this, but nothing else really matters past:


Ugh, I have the biggest warm fuzzies and omg, I really didn’t think we’d get it this soon. Like the whole ep I was waiting for things to go wrong so it wouldn‘t happen and I was hoping against hope when Death appeared back at Bobbys but even when he said it I found myself SHOCKED, UGH, I AM SHOCKED. I feel like the show hasn't given us reprieve and something to seriously cheer about in...FOREVER. I forgot they were capable. Even though the cliffhanger was CRUEL as this show likes to do, it’s also OBVIOUSLY an insta fandom FIC CHALLENGE! REUNION! WITH THE BESTEST MOST EPIC MOTHERFUCKIN HUG EVER. And the real one in January better not disappoint. (Omg have we really not had a real bro hug since 4.01??? MORE THAN TWO YEARS??? 6.01 really doesn’t count anymore.)

And can I just say, that this ep came just in time? Because after last week and the bad taste it left in my mouth, and after knowing from the promo’s Sam was gonna try to kill Bobby for this, UGH. Despondent is the only thing to describe it. As much as I've loved Souless Sam for his short-term entertainment value, show was depressing me beyond believe here, and I’m not sure I could have taken a second more of this without reprieve.

As for Dean & Death, HELLO, everything about the physical manifestation of Death makes the meta part of my brain go AJFKLALALALLA. I wear my founding member Dean/Death ship pin proudly, because years ago when I vidded my first SPN vid, I thought I was being the most MORBIDLY CRAZY person in the world, and then four years later Dean sat down with Death over PIZZA. And I thought that ep was vindication! Safe to say this ep was like the best thing ever to watch unfold. UM HI DEAN GOES TO DEATH ABOUT SAM AGAIN! LITERALLY! And then becomes Death to get Sam back. LITERALLY! I felt like this linked back to sooooo many episodes without even mentioning a word about them directly. ‘In My Time of Dying’ and ‘Death Takes A Holiday’ are the two easy ones with Tessa’s appearance. But the girl dying brought me all the way back to ‘Faith’, because the first time Dean cheated death at the cost of another innocent’s life. So it seems natural that this kind of consequence should be extended to every death evasion. Disruption of the natural order. Even more strongly, especially when Death was talking in the end, I was feeling all these neon blinking arrows being drawn straight back to ‘All Hell Breaks Loose‘. Dean caring about himself so little that he’d trade his soul to get Sam back. I mean, Death essentially said here that these ‘not dying when your supposed to’ deals the Winchesters have been so fond of, they fuck up the globe. And as such, make Death's job more complicated than it already is. It’s hard sometimes because we’re so attached to these characters and just want them to be happy and so we forget that they’ve violated natural laws. And it that context, it makes such startling sense that last season had to end like it did, that they can’t just get rewarded for bottling up what they started. That Death laid his lesson out to Dean very POINTEDLY: HI DEAN YOU CAN”T CHOOSE WHO LIVES AND DIES. This show has never actually taken 'All Hell Breaks Loose' and said, hey what Dean did there was wrong and selfish and horrific. It’s always been OH DEAN COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT SAM DON’T ASK HIM YOU KNOW HE HAD TO SAVE SAM. Death’s lesson lays it out simple.

Seriously though I was so prepared right from the jump that shit was gonna go wrong, because really when have we not had a hiatus ep where shit went wrong???? As soon as Dean decided not to reap that girl, I thought that was enough for him to loose the deal. WHY DID HE NOT SEE THAT WAS RENIGGING ON THE DEAL??? Thankfully Death needs them to keep digging, and recognizes Dean’s suicidal tendencies without Sam (OH MAN, THAT SCENE RIGHT BEFORE, DEAN'S FACE THROUGH THE BARS, IT WAS LIKE CROATOAN ALL OVER AGAIN WASN’T IT?). ETA: And it needs to be repeated, because I missed it the first time around and wouldn't have found it if not for [livejournal.com profile] counteragent's link, but [livejournal.com profile] destina totally called this Death saves Sam in her post-S5 fic. PERFECTLY.

ALSO, SOULS! THAT’S THE SEASON WATCHWORD THEN! I’m cool with that. So it’s gonna tie into this purgatory thing and heaven civil war. AWESOME. Okay so actually anything that happens in a world where SAM HAS HIS MOTHERFUCKIN SOUL BACK sounds AWESOME to me at this point. So Sam gets his back, yet the whole rest of the season is still all about souls? Considering that’s been most interesting part of this whole exercise for me, I am TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT!

I see people are concerned about the state of re-ensouled Sam, but the way I figure Sam will be fine with that drywall until approximately...May sweeps? Or the finale? The last minute of the finale even knowing their track record. Or would they be cruel enough to use that as an end game thing? Sam goes crazy and Dean has to put him out of his misery and then kills himself too? Am I going too morbid again? But seriously, while I don’t think the drywall clause will have any significance in the immediate future, that idea of random striking of impending doom on Sam is kinda terrifying. “Don’t scratch the wall” gave me shivers and will continue to do so throughout hiatus.

In conclusion: SAM FUCKIN WINCHESTER IS BACK, YO!! And so is hiatus! HENCE FANDOM'S NEED FOR GOBS OF FIC TO TIDE US OVER FOR THE NEXT MONTH! Start those engines, writers! Fandom's in need of some EPIC REUNION FIC HERE! Since I liked how it worked last year, I'll be keeping track of codas I find as they are written, and re-editing this post with them, to keep them all in one place. If you find one I haven't seen yet, let me know!

- 'Everything is Clearer Now' [Outsider's POV, Implied S/D] - by [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly - Sam's not the first coma patient they've had, but he gets her interest in a way others haven't.
- 'How Bright Their Frail Deeds' [Dean POV, Gen] - [livejournal.com profile] wordsothewitch - Once before, Dean Winchester stood in a blinding flash of white and saw the truth.
- 'For a Season There Must Be Pain' [Dean POV, Implied S/D] - [livejournal.com profile] britomart_is - He doesn't care about me, he just cares about his little brother, Sammy, burning in hell. He'll kill me to get that other guy back. - I had to do a double-take on this one. What a twisted idea for a coda!
- FICLET: 'Fallen' [Dean, Sam, gen] - [livejournal.com profile] ancastar - When Sam's wall came tumbling down, there was no groan or crash, no warning...
- 'The Strings Around Sam's Neck [Sam, Luci, Michael, Adam, God, gen] - [livejournal.com profile] copper_on_mars - "I can't believe He can do this to me," Lucifer whispers harshly. "I hate cello!" - A music geek's tongue-in-cheek spin on exactly what type of torture the Cage has entailed for Sam...
- 'Against Your Ruins' [coda, Sam&Dean, Dean POV, PG-13] - [livejournal.com profile] obstinatrix - ...his heart feels like it’s swelling up to fill hollows in himself that he’d managed to convince himself weren’t there.
- 'Read This' [FITB 6.11] - [livejournal.com profile] datenshiblue - Dean writes more than one letter...
- 'Out' [coda, Dean, Sam, gen h/c] - by reading [on ff.net] - There was a slide of something through Sam's eyes – horror, terror, grief – that was gone so quickly it was as if had never been there, dazed bewilderment taking its place. - kudos to [livejournal.com profile] ash48 for mentioning this one!
- 'Unbroken' [6.11 coda] - [livejournal.com profile] st_salieri - "It was me," he said in a low voice. "This wasn't like being possessed. I was there, and there was no one else. There's no demon I can blame this on. It was all me." - I like the unique take on following the blackout with such bone-weary Winchesters that the usual reunion scene is circumvented.

In other news, two more finals and I am vidding through this winter break! [NO SERIOUSLY hold me to it, I have three storyboarded, at least ONE will be done before the end of January. I SWEAR.]
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